Porous rivers, birches, rustling pines and firs, rough rocks and more than 60 thousand lakes. Karelia is a grand, one-of-a-kind reserve region with a special flavor, eco-environment and rich cultural heritage. The perfect place to create unique products.

The natural water of Lake Onega, one of the largest in Europe, three times superior in terms of softness to the accepted standards of soft water, exclusively natural ingredients, including wild-growing, collected by hand, the purest grain alcohol «Alpha», advanced technologies and long-term expertise formed the basis of vodkas, gin and bitter under the Korela trademark.

The combination of infusion of leaves of Karelian birch, unique in its softness water of Onega Lake and alcohol of the «Alpha» class give the drink a unique soft taste and aroma.


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The company's product portfolio includes vodkas, bitter and sweet tinctures, gins, bitters and balms.

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