An invaluable gift of nature from the Russian north

The legendary “Karelian Balsam” has been produced since 1976 according to one of the oldest recipes of classic balsams. It contains more than 30 carefully selected natural ingredients with truly unique properties. Rare plant components are complemented by fruit drinks from wild berries, collected by hand in Karelia, one of the unique ecoregions of Russia.

The balm is infused for 45 days in special containers, due to which the drink acquires a rich dark color, exquisite aroma and a long aftertaste.

They use «Karelian Balsam» in small quantities, in small sips, enjoying the aroma of herbs, berries, honey, sometimes before meals, as an aperitif, but more often afterwards, as a digestif. You can also add a few tablespoons of balm to tea or coffee, or make an alcoholic cocktail with it. Sometimes a glass of balm is served with ice cream and other desserts.

Chill the drink well before drinking.


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The company's product portfolio includes vodkas, bitter and sweet tinctures, gins, bitters and balms.

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